Manual fire shutters - Winchester - Britannia Security Shutters - Emergency door
For manual and electric fireshutters from Winchester to Watford, call Britannia on 01962 671 057

Protect your workforce with electric or manual fire shutters

In the event of a fire, you need to know your employees and your workplace will be protected. Britannia Security Shutters install manual and electric fire shutters for offices, warehouses, industrial units and more.

Britannia installs fire shutters in Winchester and throughout the south. Our durable shutters are designed to isolate a fire within your building, and are rigourously tested to ensure they offer complete protection for you, your workforce and your property.

We install the following fire shutters:

Fusible link shutters
The shutter's circuitry contains solder, which melts at a certain temperature and activates the shutter.

Alarm system shutters
These shutters are hooked up to your building's fire alarm system, and will descend when the alarm goes off.
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